Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Marrakech?

If you are traveling to Marrakech, or planning to move, or already live there, the most important thing is whether tap water is safe to drink. The answer is yes, it is.

Safe to drink?Yes
The estimated price of bottled water (1.5l)0.82$

Despite chlorinating and testing the tap water, Moroccan residents recommend buying bottled water, especially if you are on a short trip to Marrakech. You will not spend enough time to develop your immunization to the water, and you could spoil your holiday.

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Marrakech

Because of the way water is treated in Marrakech, it tastes different from the one we used to drink. Therefore, if you have a sensitive stomach, you should use bottled water while in Marrakech, or bring along a water filter that is ideal for travel.

Water Sources

The sources of the major river basins that provide sweet water to Marrakech are the Atlas mountains, and they include the Moulouya River, Sebou River, Bou Regreg River, Oum Er-Rbia River, Tensift River, and Souss-Massa-Drâa basin. Aside from these major river basins, there is the one that provides sweet water but doesn’t belong to Atlas mountains is the Loukkos River, and there are several smaller basins.

Treatment of Water in Marrakech, Morocco

The department that provides clear and drinkable water in Morocco is the National Fresh Water Bureau or ONEP. The main tasks of this department are managing and controlling the amount of surface and groundwater, and also ensuring water quality.

Wastewater in Marrakech is also treated, and this process uses a traditional method of water treatment called activated sludge treatment, which makes the water clear and ready for reuse.

To be sure that the tap water is drinkable in Morocco, Moroccan Prime Minister Saadeddine Othmani publicly confirmed this fact in February 2018 and subsequently consumed tap water.

Price of Bottled Water

The price of 1.5 liters of bottled water in Marrakech stands around 0.82$.

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