Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Beijing?

No. Tap water in Beijing, China is not safe for drinking, but, even it’s not drinkable, it’ll not be a problem if you want to take a shower or to brush your teeth. That means that tap water contains hazardous contaminants like sediments, rusts, bacteria, viruses, chlorine, or other heavy metals.

Safe to drink?No
The estimated price of bottled water (1.5l)0.44$

Despite pollution that could be found in the water, tap water in Beijing is not filtered, sterilized, and purified.

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Beijing

How to improve tap water in Beijing?

Due to the increase in pollution of nature, which contributes to higher water pollution, it’s necessary to find the way you will keep your tap water safe for drinking. Buying a water filter is a great option, as well as boiling tap water. Also, you can buy bottled water that is absolutely safe for drinking.

Can you drink water in restaurants?

An interesting fact is Chinese restaurants will serve you hot or warm water because they believe it’s much healthier for you apart from the boiling water will eliminate harmful particles in the water. If you want bottled water, you will have to pay a bit more than you would pay in supermarkets.

Is it safe to drink tap water in hotels?

It’s not as safe to drink tap water in Beijing hotels as it’s not safe to drink tap water in almost whole China. Some hotels that represent exceptions to the previous fact have a tap water filter installed or a dispenser that delivers hot as well as cold water, while others provide you bottled water just for a minimal charge.

Are there any tourist sites in Beijing that will provide you clean and safe water?

Considering the place you want to visit in Beijing, there are just a few tourist sites that provide safe and clean tap water. Some of them are Shanghai Disneyland and Hangzhou West Lake, while in other tourist sites, you can buy bottled water that is more expensive than in supermarkets.

In case you want to visit mountains like Emei, Huashan, or Yellow Mountain, it will be better if you buy bottled water as well.

Useful information for tourists in Beijing!

The water in Beijing is polluted, so tap water is undrinkable. Hot liquids like coffee or tea are safe for drinking. They are safe for drinking because the water is boiled.

1.5 liter of bottled water in Beijing, China costs about 0.44 $.

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