Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Tokyo?

Tokyo’s water is safe for drinking so you can consume it fresh, uncooked, and unfiltered without fear.

Safe to drink?Yes
The estimated price of bottled water (1.5l)1.15$

1887. was the year when the first modern water supply system in Japan was installed. It was an excellent beginning for introducing more modern water treatment systems.

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Tokyo

The Waterworks Act introduced the mandatory use of chlorine in 1957 and introduced a strict rule that required tap water to be safe for drinking. The introduction of this rule reduces the diseases caused by the various bacteria that can be found in water. Thanks to this rule and the various means used to disinfect water, about 100% of Japan’s surface is supplied with drinking water.

Water testing and treatment

Usage of various disinfectants used in water supply systems, and therefore the supply of large areas of Japan with drinking water, reduce the number of patients with waterborne diseases. One of the most effective methods of water disinfection was introduced at the time when chlorine started to be used as a disinfectant.

Advanced water purification systems have been introduced recently, and they are using the ozone-GAC treatment that provides an excellent method for water treatment. These methods eliminate pollutants and bad odors from water.

The water system in Japan consists of river networks, lakes, and wells, with about 73% of rivers, about 1.4% of lakes, and about 19.2% of springs and others. The Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare has identified 51 items that ensure the quality and safety of drinking water. Following these rules, all water utilities check these rules and check their operation. They regularly test the quality of tap water to determine if the water supply systems meet all the conditions necessary for a good supply of drinking water to people.

What is safer – bottled water or tap water?

In Tokyo, you can drink water not only in high-end hotels and homes but also in subways, shopping malls, parks, public toilets, and other public areas. The period of the year does not specify the time when tap water can be drunk, as the water is safe for drinking throughout the year.

The price of bottled water in Japan averages $ 1.15 (1.5 liters), while the monthly water costs are around $ 18.57. The fact is that tap water is safer than bottled water, because the regulations in Japan that must be followed when evaluating water quality are stricter than those governing bottled water.

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