21 Benefits of Filtered Water

Modern technology is great. So many great things have been created over the last few decades! We became more advanced in many industries and have saved lives and made other ones better. However, everything has side effects.

Water is one of the most important „pieces“ of us and our world. Earth holds a lot of water, and so do we. It seems like it’s the most relevant requirement for healthy living! Isn’t it concerning to hear about the pollution it has encountered? 

21 Benefits Of Filtered Water Infographic

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We have to take care of our health and the majority of it is the water we drink. Both we and the Earth need help in „cleaning“ up the system, so why not start with filtering water? 

Filtered water is not uncommon and it’s one of those things that are especially important for a certain demographic: children, elders, but also animals.

Today we’re talking about the benefits of filtered water. You’re going to have the change to weigh out whether getting a filtering system is a good idea for you or not. Let’s go.

So, what are the benefits of filtered water?

  1. No more funky-smelling water. If you’re picky when it comes to water, we completely understand. Normally, you feel repelled by all of these chemicals and toxins in the water. It’s especially annoying and dangerous if you smell a bleach-like smell from excessive chlorine!
  2. Forget about chlorine. Talking about this bad boy, it’s important that you know what you’re getting into if you’re drinking chlorine water. The US Council of Environmental Quality has been doing some phenomenal research of this element and they found out that you’re 93% more likely to get cancer if you’re exposed to chlorinated water.
    Some research says that you’re also more likely to get bladder cancer specifically. Besides the health consequences, the smell and the taste are annoying as well.
  3. Save that cash. If you buy a bottle of water each day, you’re spending about 270$ just for water per year! Why would you want to do that? For that cash, you could’ve treated yourself with a nice spa treatment or a designer bag!
  4. Forget about the chemicals in plastic bottles. Many people talk about the environment, which is very important, but they also forget that their „clean” water is inside of a plastic bottle that can easily contaminate our drinks with the chemicals that are inside of it. BPA-free plastic bottles don’t exist in single-use because they would be too expensive. 
  5. Help Mother Earth. Do you know that every piece of plastic that has ever been created still exists on Earth? That’s how long it takes for plastic to go away! It’s insane! Don’t buy plastic and be one of the million people that have bought a bottle of water (each minute)!
  6. Avoid heavy metals. Heavy metals are connected with many hormonal issues and autism in extreme cases! You don’t want to be ingesting them, especially in long-term situations! 
  7. More water for all of us! The psychological effect of knowing you have very clean and healthy water nearby may be enough to get you to drink it daily! If you struggle with your water intake, think about this! 
    Better hydration equals healthier nails, skin, hair and more! Your internal organs are made of water as well and they need it to function well!
  8. Better digestion. Water and minerals found in it are beneficial for good digestion, but make sure that they are balanced well. If you’re drinking water that’s either contaminated or has unbalanced minerals, you may be building up unnecessary ones. 
  9. No acne, no pimples. Water is very important for our skin as it helps it rejuvenate and shed all of those bad cells of the surface. When the cells shed, the new ones come. If that does not happen, what happens next is congestion.
  10. Balance your pH. It’s important that you don’t throw your body’s levels off, because you may be encountering troubles in many areas: starting with the skin and your intimate area. Let’s not forget that our enzymes also require a certain pH, which means that you can get rid of horrible acid reflux if you manage it.
  11. Lose weight. Water on its own won’t make you lose weight, really, but it can help significantly with the feeling of being full and not needing any more food. This will lead to fewer calories eaten and, in the end, make you lose weight. 
  12. Detox your body. Forget about these fake-sounding juice detoxes: water is the real deal. It has the oxidation-reduction potential and can give you the feeling of being more calm, lighter and feeling healthier after a few drinks.
  13. Make other drinks healthier. Wait, do you make your tea, lemonade or coffee with this unfiltered water? Yeah, it seems like you are actually ingesting much more toxins than you think you are.
  14. Help your faucets. Do you know what limescale is? It’s sediment, a residue left by hard water that goes through temperature changes. Limescale can be a pain to remove and it is very not aesthetic as well.
  15. Balance your hormonal issues. Sadly, there are organic toxins in the water that can mess with your hormones. We’re talking about pharmaceuticals here mostly, and there have also been traces of progesterone as well!
  16. Better cooking experience. You probably use water when you cook as well, right? It’s really interesting to see how it can sneak upon us! We actually use it with a lot of things and ingest much more of those things in it than we do think.
  17. Protect your enamel. Your teeth are actually in danger if you’re using water of acidic pH. Make sure to neutralize it with a filter and it will also help you with a dry mouth!
  18. No more flu. Bacteria, parasites, and viruses are also sadly in our water. Not only are the sources of primary filtration (the government filtration) sometimes contaminated because they are not cleaned often enough, but there is also the soil that water goes through that’s full of organic toxins. Protect yourself and your family. Stomach bugs will also be far less often in your household!
  19. Protect those whose immunities are compromised. Do you have a baby? Maybe you just got a new pet? Did your grandmother move in with you? Either way, kids, elders, and pets have compromised immune systems because of their age or anatomy, and that’s why you want to keep an eye on them. They will get sick from the water much more easily than adults do.
  20. Cleaner air in the house. Like it or not, water can both evaporate and let molecules in the air to humidify it. If the water is contaminated, the air in your house is also possibly contaminated. This makes the issue much, much worse.
  21. Luxurious showering experience. If you shower with contaminated water, not only are you risking your health, but you’re also risking the aesthetics. Your skin, nails, and hair will get damaged from hard water and there are also filters out there that will help boost that vitamin C. Infused mineral balls may help with dry skin and hair as well!


Getting filters is not only a matter of cash. Will you save money? Yes, yes you will. Should you forget about all other side effects? No, no you should not. 

Filtered water is much healthier for you. It protects your skin, hair, nails, organs, respiratory system, digestive system, and more. It protects your kids and the elders in your house and makes your pet breathe easier.

It’s better for you and the environment, so what are you waiting for? It’s an investment that will save you cash in the end.

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