What kind of a water bottle is best for you

We know everyone is always busy and that we don’t have a lot of time to pay attention to details, but our health should always be our top priority. Times are changing and it’s not easy anymore to find the right way to save both yourself and the planet at the same time. 

What kind of a water bottle is best for you

However, water bottles are a great place to start when you’re entering your eco-friendly journey. They can be found everywhere: in the stores, online, in supermarkets and probably in your basement as well! 

Having a water bottle is important because you’re not using plastic as much as you would if you were buying a new drink daily, and you’re saving your health because plastic can be very harmful when certain atoms get diluted into water.

You’re going to drink a lot more water if you have a bottle by your side as well, so those who struggle with their water intake: you may be creating a habit easier this way!

Stainless Steel Water Bottles            

A great start for those who are clumsy or those who like very hot or very cold beverages is for sure bottles made from stainless steel. Just like any other cutlery made from steel, this water bottle is made to last long and to be reused all over again.

It’s great when it comes to isolation and the denser the metal, the longer you’ll be able to keep something’s temperature a certain way. Steel is one of those materials that cannot really be broken or bent, so make sure that you’re cleaning your well and you’ll be hanging out with it for years!

It doesn’t catch on flavor so you can throw anything in it, but some people do notice that the steel gives the drink a different taste, so think well before making your purchase. It’s recyclable and therefore helps the planet as well.

Glass Water Bottle

If you’re looking for something 100% recyclable, your best option is glass. Glass won’t give your water any taste, but it won’t keep the temperature either. It’s often a heavy piece of equipment, but that shouldn’t bother you too much. 

Glass bottles are very popular today and you’ll be able to find them in all shapes and designs, as well as those with sleeves and personalized accessories.

It is breakable, so make sure you protect it or just be very careful with it. The water will have a very fresh taste and you will be much more motivated to drink your 8 glasses a day. Make sure to consult your doctor, though, about the number of glasses, because this changes due to weather, age, weight and health condition.

Copper Water Bottle

Copper is one of the world’s oldest reusable materials and it has been one of the most popular traditions of India for many, many years. Many believe that copper has a really good impact on our health and that drinking water stored in these helps regulate our regular body functions.

This means you’d typically have to store your water in the bottle overnight before you drink, which is a lot of work for some people so they decide to skip on this option.

Copper will reduce the number of bacteria in your water and you won’t be intaking too much copper. There has been research done about this, so don’t worry. However, some people did experience nausea because they combined acidic stuff with copper!

The con of this water bottle is that it changes color and you’ll have to buy another one or clean it with special mixes. Also, you can’t store anything besides water because you’re risking chemical reactions.

Plastic Water Bottle

Those who are into the regular option that doesn’t weigh a ton, plastic is the way to go. Although many people don’t support plastic anymore, it’s still the most popular option because it’s cheap and easy to find.

If you’re getting a plastic water bottle, make sure to get a BPA free one, although that doesn’t mean much because the chemicals used to replace BPA are sometimes even worse. These don’t isolate at all and may alter your water’s taste.

Aluminum Water Bottle

Aluminum is great for those who love stainless steel products, but can’t deal with the weight. It’s light because it’s not dense, but it’s also breakable because of this. The problem with it is that it has to be lined on the inside because it releases ions in the water. It’s usually lined with plastic and you’re having the BPA/chemicals issue all over again.

It’s cheap, yes, but many people don’t think it’s worth their health.

Smart water bottle

If you’re one of those people who are just way too forgetting to drink enough water daily, a smart water bottle is your thing. It makes noise or lights up and makes sure you reached your daily goal.

The issue is, all smart water bottles are different and therefore the opinions on them are different. You will probably need to investigate each one on its own.


Water bottles are essential, but choosing which one you’re getting is a bit of an issue sometimes. If you’re not concerned about chemicals, plastic is the easiest way to go. If you don’t like chemicals in your water, check out stainless steel. If you don’t like heavy stainless steel and you’re not clumsy, go copper.

It’s all up to personal preference. Just make sure to get the right volume, the right design and to check out the reviews people have already left to make sure the quality isn’t bad and the bottle isn’t leaking.

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