Best Under Sink Water Filters Buying Guide

Under sink water filters are essential for the 21st century. With the industry growing big and helping us live a more practical life, it’s not exactly helping us live a healthy one. Many people are concerned about the quality of the water. They drink it, and that’s why they decide to go for under sink water filters.

best under sink water filters

Some people are concerned about their drinking water only, so they end up buying bottled water. That’s not as practical, because it’s expensive and does harm to nature. Others are concerned about the water they bathe with as well. The truth is, we should take care of all water that comes our way because we expose ourselves to toxins, cysts, and parasites. We shouldn’t forget that our skin is our biggest organ and that all chemicals can get in our bloodstream.

So, let’s talk about under sink water filters. We’re going to go over their features then, we’ll show you a few of the best and most popular models, and analyze their pros and cons. In the end, you will be able to determine whether your household is the perfect candidate for an under-sink filter.

Why Should You Get An Under Sink Filter?

Your state/country, as well as all others, are starting to notice there’s a water problem incoming. For some, it has already arrived. Many places in the world don’t have drinkable water anymore, and they rely on bottled water, while in some states, you can hear warnings that say we should save water as much as possible.

We all know, and it isn’t a secret, our planet is changing, and we have to act fast if we want to help. Water contamination is growing as an issue, the amount of lead as well. Engineering changes, and people prefer saving money by doing the wrong plumbing at home, which leads to faulty water.

If you’re concerned about the number of toxins in your water, under-sink water filtration is the primary thing you should implement. Under-sink-filters are a great way to start filtering your water.

Yes, there are many types of filters (showerhead filters, bottle-like filters), but the best option for a household where everyone needs to have clean water available is getting an under sink water filter with faucet.

These filters won’t ruin the aesthetic of your home because they’re mostly located inside of your kitchen counters, and you can’t even see them. Faucets also come in many shapes and colors, but you can always alter a specific one as well, so that’s not a problem.

Best Under Sink Water Filters

When buying a water filter (but also when buying anything, really), we have to pay attention to specific details. There are many things that will change your user experience: water flow, pressure, price, installation, filtering system, eco-friendly materials, etc. The most practical way to clean the water in your household surely is installing under-sink water filtration system.

We did reviews of the best and most popular models of house water filters that are installed under the sink. We also wrote the pros and cons to help you make a decision on which one best fits your needs.

Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System

Here we’re looking at a classic filter smaller in size. It’s an under-the-sink filter that relies on replacement cartridges more than others, but that’s pretty normal for the size of it.

This model claims to remove 99% of contaminants that are usually in our water. These include lead, organic disposal, pesticides, possibly mercury and so on. The statement is true because the NSF 42, NSF 53, NSF 401 and NSF P473 certificates do not lie! 

For those concerned about eco-friendliness, the filter makes zero waste, and all of the water is used!
The metal faucet you get is pretty universal when it comes to looking and the screw-on, the screw-off application will make your life 10 times easier!

The faucet is lead-free as well, and you can get it in three different colors. The filters have to be replaced every 3 to 6 months depending on the amount of water you use daily. Stage one is pre-filtering (ions, heavy metals), stage two deals activated carbon filtering (chlorine, organic stuff), and the lasts stage takes care of asbestos and cysts!

Stylish Faucet IncludedEach Aquasana 5300 includes a premium dedicated faucet for your filtered water.
A Smarter SystemThe Aquasana AQ-5300 alerts you when it’s time to change your filters. No more guessing if and when you need to replace old filters.


  • stylish faucet in three colors
  • cheaper filter replacements
  • filters out both minerals/chlorine and organic compounds!
  • very small and extremely easy to install!
  • has many certificates (NSF ones) to prove that it is effective


  • water flow isn’t as strong as you’re used to- may cause pressure build-up in your plumbing
  • pricey for those who are just getting into water filtering

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Woder 10K-Gen3 Ultra High Capacity Filtering System

Although it’s cheaper than most filters, many feel like the quality of this product easily conquers the rest. The manufacturer states that this premium filter lasts for a minimum of 3 years, but they’re actually not talking about 1 filter, but the main product. You’ll still have to do replacements every 4-6 months or so.

The issue with this filter is that you can’t use it with soft or warm water, but you don’t need a plumber to install it into your home. You have to connect the valves to your existing cold water valve, and that’s it.

The filter gets rid of lead, chlorine, organic stuff like cysts and parasites, odors, bad taste, carcinogens, and more. An extra positive thing about this model is that the filter with a reverse osmosis water system won’t remove your essential minerals. The reverse osmosis water system provides removing as many different contaminants from the water, but it’ll rest the fundamental one. Therefore, you’ll still have all of the healthy stuff in your water filter.

Flow rate is 2GPM, and some people have said this is not enough when you’re trying to fill a big bowl or a huge pot. It depends on your patience, really.

No Plumbing RequiredComes with ‘Direct Connect’ hoses that fit standard 3/8” water valves under US kitchen and bathroom sinks.
Selective FiltrationWoder filters have a unique technology that removes over 99.99% of contaminants while leaving in all essential minerals (Reverse osmosis filter out everything, including the minerals your body needs.


  • removes chlorine, excess minerals and organic compounds- leaves your essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium just in the right amount
  • is a bit cheaper than the rest of the filters
  • easy to install, although it isn’t just screw-on, screw-off type of a thing
  • can be used up to 3 years


  • you can use it only with cold municipal water (no soft water or warm water)
  • will alter the water flow in your house a bit
  • isn’t too eco-friendly when it comes to materials, but is safe

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Filtrete Advanced Under Sink System

This filter is one of the most classic examples! As the manufacturer states, it’s supposed to remove cysts, chlorine, but also sand, soil, and many other things that can come from plumbing as well (rust, sediment).

The price is much better than the average filter costs: it’s about half of the price. You can install it in just a few easy steps, and the way it works is simple. You have to connect it to an existing faucet, and that means you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics.

Filters last about 6 months but, as always, we can’t assure you that they won’t run out sooner. The water flow is supposed to be just like your initial one, and because of that, you shouldn’t get a change in pressure in your plumbing.

CertifiedNSF certified Standard 53 and 42
Healthy LivingHealthy Living water filtration reduces microbial cysts, chlorine taste & odor, sand, soil, silt, rust and sediment based on 3M Testing


  • cheaper than most filters- does a great job both with organic and inorganic stuff
  • doesn’t change the pressure in the plumbing
  • is installed into your faucet, so you don’t have to compromise the looks
  • very effective
  • filters last about 5 to 6 months, depending on the use


  • the installation lasts about half an hour, which is a bit longer than average

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Ecosoft 3 Stage Under Sink Water Purifier

Again, we’re looking at a more budget-friendly option. This system is a BPA-free one, which means that it is eco-friendly! It makes your water softer, removes chlorine and excess minerals, as well as metals.

However, this filter is focused more on removing limescale as a potential threat than on making your water extra-healthy. The manufacturer claims that you don’t have to replace the cartridges any more often than every six months, but again, as we always say, it depends on your use.

The three stages remove bacteria and impurities like ammonium as well as organic compounds, but research showed that this filter isn’t 100% efficient when it comes to removing organic matter. 

Instead of regular coal shells, this filter features coconut-based carbon shells that are very healthy both for you and the environment.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be getting your favorite minerals regularly since the filter removes excess magnesium, calcium, and potassium only, not all of it. You’re getting a polished chrome faucet, which is not 100% personalized.

Bpa Free SafetyHigh quality plastic of water filtration systems provide best everyday experience for you and your family.
Delicious Water Any TimeThis water filter system delivers valuable pure water for both drinking and cooking. Make healthy dishes full of vitamins!


  • very eco-friendly: BPA-free and the filter is made from coconut-based carbon
  • cheaper than most alternatives
  • does a great job at filtering non-organic compounds and a good one with the organic part
  • no change in pressure


  • many people say the filter doesn’t last more than 3 months, so you’ll have to get a new one every now and then
  • you can’t use your own faucet, which means aesthetics will suffer a bit

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APEC WFS-1000 Super Capacity Water Filter

Here we’re looking at a pretty premium water filter made in the United States of America. The filter does have NSF certificates that prove it removes chemicals and gets rid of any weird taste and odor your water may have from the excess minerals.

The most interesting thing about this 3-stage filter (that also has a faucet) is that the company gives you lifetime support if you are close to California!

The manufacturer claims that the filters last over 12 months, but you have to keep in mind no one can actually guarantee that to you because it depends on the number of people that use the filter and the number of times a day.

You’re keeping potassium, magnesium, and calcium in the water, but the excess amount is filtered away. No water is wasted during the filtration process, which makes this filter eco-friendly.

The first stage is a polypropylene sediment filter that removes larger atoms. The second one is a premium extruded carbon block that does the heavy-duty filtering, and the third stage is also made from carbon and is supposed to remove anything that passed through.

1 year satisfaction guaranteeWith life time support by certified WQA water specialist based in CA.
NSF certifiedSuper capacity filters guaranteeing to remove chemicals, taste and odors.


  • effective when it comes to chlorine removal
  • keeps the water alkaline, which means that your water still has those healthy minerals- removes dust, rust, various particles, odors, cloudiness, any possible coloring, tastes, and VOCs
  • good price for the value
  • high-quality production
  • filters need to be replaced every 12 months only
  • no batteries needed, eco-friendly as well


  • doesn’t remove organic stuff (cysts, parasites, etc)
  • very heavy and takes up a lot of space- it may be pricey for beginners

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CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter

Let’s talk a bit about this unconventional water filter. We’re looking at a piece with a 5-year lifetime. Many people were confused and skeptical when they saw this, but it turns out that it lasts long (4 to 5 years for most people)!

The CuZn filter is designed to be used only with regular municipal water and is made to work with hard water, therefore. You connect this filter to your cold water line (which means that warm and hot water cannot be filtered), and that’s it. No extra faucets required.

The 3-stage filtration process is made from micro sediment membranes, a carbon shell infused with coconut, and also a KDF-55. What’s fantastic about it is that not only does it filter organic compounds, but it also creates an environment where bacteria cannot grow so you won’t have much trouble cleaning the whole filter.

This filter has to be placed inside of your cabinet horizontally!

No Third Faucet HassleConnects Directly to your Kitchen Sink’s Cold Water Line.
Ncredible Capacity/lifetime50,000g or 5 years! CuZn Backs The UC-200’s Performance with a 5 year Pro-Rated Warranty.


  • filters chlorine, bacteria, mold and excess minerals
  • is made from coconut-infused carbon, which is eco-friendly and doesn’t waste water
  • has NSF 42 and 61 certificates


  • cannot be used with warm or hot water
  • can be used with municipal water only!

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Aquasana 2-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System

Do not be fooled by this filter just because it’s not massive. It does a pretty good job! The manufacturer says it removes up to 99% of the toxins in your drinking water, both organic and non-organic.

No more fear of pesticides, parasites, chlorine poisoning, or asbestos in your drinking water. Although the system is pretty pricey, you’re not paying much per gallon because the cartridges don’t need to be replaced often.

In addition to having a drinking water filter, essential minerals are going to stay in (like potassium, magnesium, and calcium), but you’ll have to install an extra faucet. That could be a problem for those who want to install a water filter, but don’t want any specific changes in their kitchen and don’t want to do additional drilling.

The product has NSF certified like the 42, 53, +P473, and the 401.

Easiest Filter ReplacementReplacements engineered for ease. No need to disconnect hoses or water lines. Environmental filter housing easily twists off so replacing your filters is a snap.
Convenience and ValueOne Claryum filter is equal to 12 leading gravity pitcher filters. Spend less on filter replacements. More clean, healthy water for less.


  • small in dimensions
  • very efficient and low-cost per gallon
  • high-quality- use of Claryum technology (activated carbon + catalytic carbon + ion + sub-micron mechanical filtrating layer)


  • pricey
  • some people had a bad experience with the filters (don’t last as long as they should, apparently)

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How Do Undersink Water Filters Work?

We have said the obvious: an under-sink water filter isn’t visible and is in your counter. That’s great so far, but what is the actual way the system works? It’s important to know the two types of an under-sink water filter system because if (God forbid) anything happens, you need to know what to do with it.

Simple Undersink Filter System

Don’t be fooled by the name, this system isn’t simple at all. The name has been given to it from the customer’s perspective, and it talks about the installation, not the actual working mechanism of the product.

What happens in this water filter system? Well, all of the cold water goes through it. You don’t need two faucets to do the job, it’s just one regular faucet you usually use. You have to keep in mind one important thing, and that’s the fact that the water filter system is always connected to the cold water line, and it actually does nothing to your regular warm/hot water.

The name is justified by the fact that you don’t have to use 2 different faucets for cold water, just one. There are pros and cons, obviously.


  • less pricey than the other one
  • you don’t need to have two faucets
  • you don’t need to make any changes to your already existing bathroom/kitchen tops
  • very easy to install


  • usually needs to get cartridges replaced more often
  • high flow, so the system may not be 100% effective

Conventional Undersink System

Water filter systems like this one, are designed to work with two faucets, and that’s the main difference from the first system. You have to connect the water to the system, but you don’t connect all of it. Just divert a part.

Obviously, only the water that gets to the faucet will go through the process of filtration. This system is always working under a certain amount of pressure, and although the filtration will be better and more efficient, you will need an additional faucet.


  • the filters last longer because not all of the water is being filtered
  • more efficient
  • doesn’t require a plumber to install it


  • you need to get an additional faucet or change the way your kitchen/bathroom top looks
  • flow rate is lower
  • more expensive as well

The Benefits of Under Sink Water Filter

Whenever you buy a particular product, you want it to be as beneficial as it can. When installing a water filter, there are a lot of things to look into when buying a water sink. The focus is on the effects these things leave and the benefits you will feel if you get an under-the-sink water filter.

  • They eliminate bad odors and make your water tasteless. Although it sounds weird to say it that way, you may actually be surprised to hear that healthy water shouldn’t have a taste. That’s why most filters use a carbon activated stage! Those who are especially sensitive about smells will notice a difference!
  • They remove possible sediments. This is more than important for your health. Although we can’t point a finger at problems this causes, there is a lot of research being done on the subject! What we can claim is that you’re going to get less limescale, which is important for your dishes!
  • You won’t be experiencing chlorine or chemicals in your water. This is essential and is very important for everyone, but is even more crucial to small kids and pets whose immune systems can be damaged sometimes.
  • No heavy metals. Little do you know that some metals like lead can cause significant health issues and can create much bigger problems than chemicals!
  • No arsenic and less nitrate/nitrite. Arsenic bothers everyone, while nitrates and nitrites bother babies and elders. Take care of everyone!
  • No limescale, prettier dishes. You won’t have to scrub hard from the residue your hard water leaves.
  • No bacteria, cysts, and parasites in your water. It is beneficial for your health and will surely make a difference for everyone, especially those who are prone to sickness.
  • No soap scum. This is connected with the fact that your water isn’t hard anymore! Your dishes will get better cleaning as well!
  • Don’t intake any pesticides and herbicides. Water travels through soil and dirt, and we don’t want any of the extra juice!
  • Make your kid’s life safer. Don’t allow any sickness to ruin their childhood.
  • Easy to install. Unlike many other modern gadgets, most of these filters don’t even require a plumber!
  • A huge choice to look at. You can easily find something that fits you very well!
  • Will save you cash as well! Buying bottled water is much more expensive.
  • You’re taking care of the environment. Another important point, especially nowadays when Mother Nature needs all of the help she can get.

Things To Consider When Buying Sink Water Filter

Let’s talk about buying. It’s easy to read a product review and see if the specific filter is for you or not, but it’s not as easy to go into a store and then see all of these new products you are not familiar with and then do the judging.

Because of the number of products that are outside on the market, you must always be informed of the main features of these. Let’s begin with some analysis.

Types of systems

We have already talked about these before so, you can check the previous paragraphs. Make sure to think about the multi/one faucet option well! Also, their installations are very, very different, so make sure to be aware of that.


Most systems/products are so easy to install. You just have to screw things on or off, and, in the end, you don’t need a plumber for the process. However, some of the products do require extra care, and you’ll need to be a bit handy.

How often do the filters need to be changed? How expensive are they? 

Yeah, many people forget about filters, and that can actually be a quite high cost later on because they need to be regularly changed. Don’t get all happy and sparkly if the product is cheap, check the filters as well!

How many contaminants does it remove?

While some remove only chlorine and excess minerals, some filters also focus on organic things, lead, heavy metals, excess ions, and many more. You should look for certificates as well, because the manufacturer may be subjective when it comes to the number of pros the product has.

Cost per liter

When you think about it, the price must be low enough for the number of gallons that go through. The price can be misleading because some cheap filters get used up fast and vice versa.

Maintenance Tips

If you already have a filtering system at your home, you may be wondering about the ways you can make them last more. Some people get really confused when it comes to cleaning: wait, do they need to be cleaned?

The process of maintaining a filter obviously is up to the model itself, but there are things that everyone can (and should!) do to make sure their product doesn’t get broken earlier than it is supposed to.

Before cleaning the system, you should remove the „active ingredient“ parts. All of the filters and the cartridges need to go out. The only thing you can actually clean is the housing, and you should use a natural method because otherwise you’re getting chemicals in your system, and that’s exactly why you have the filter!

If your water filter system works on reverse osmosis, you should replace the membrane every 2 years or even get a completely new one, especially if the filter membrane is expensive.

Before cleaning, always turn off the water supply. Make sure you detach everything and check if there are any leaks. That is a great time to see if your product is well installed, or if anything has moved in the meantime.

You should clean the filter once a month, but some say it’s okay to do it once in two months as well. If you notice any change in the water, clean the filter no matter how long ago you did it.

Installation of the Under Sink Water Filter

Since all of these products are basically DIY-oriented, it’s good to know exactly how you would install one of them. Although your device, in particular, may not be working the same way, you should surely check out this basic under sink water filter installation just to make sure that you get the main idea.

  1. Turn off the water supply in your house before you start with anything! This is so important because you’re going to waste a ton of water if you don’t!
  2. Get your supplies close to you. It may be a pair of pliers, a plumbers tape, maybe even a marker. Don’t run all over the house while connecting the product. It will cause significant inconsistency.
  3. Remove the already connected parts (tubes mostly) that are in your kitchen/bathroom counter under the sink. Search for those directly connected to the sink itself and make sure you’re not cutting off something else (a dishwasher or a trash-grinder maybe).
  4. Make sure you know where the new filter needs to be applied. You can sketch the area out with a pen or a pencil, or perhaps just eye it out. We would advise you to make sure there is enough space. Don’t unwrap the product until you see if there is enough space, so you can potentially return it to the seller!
  5. Is there a „T“ in your product? There is usually a little T tube that the whole thing begins with, and it is the first thing that needs to be attached to the pipes. Find it and move on to the next step.
  6. Connect the tubes with the new filter through the „T“. Yeah, we know, easier said than done. Each product usually comes with a special guide and therefore you need to check that out, but make sure you’re following common sense as well.
  7. Fixate the filter in one place. Now is the time to screw it onto that portion of the cabinet that you have previously marked. 
  8. Test it out, but make sure someone is near the water supply switch because things can go wrong sometimes and you don’t want to be all covered in water for no reason.

A piece of advice: the installation is very easy. Just follow the manual, and you’ll be done sooner than you know.

About the cartridge changing: you literally looking at 2-minutes work. If you have installed the main product properly, moving the filters around is just a screw-on or a screw-off type of a thing.


Doing a review of the most important things about the under sink water filters, we can conclude it may seem simple, but there is a whole science behind them.

When you’re going shopping for a filter, make sure you are aware of the way they work, the way they need to be installed, and check all of the certificates. Because you’ve seen a bunch of info, you will be able to judge whether the filter you’re getting is good enough or not for the specific price.

If you’re not sure about the installation, get help from someone handy. Although the process is pretty easy to follow, you don’t want to end up with a malfunctioning product that messes with the pressure in your plumbings!

When it comes to prices: what’s your budget? It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a premium or a budget option, you always need to get the best choice for spending your bucks!

We do have a piece of advice for you since we have researched these filters well. In our opinion, the Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Filter System is the best choice out there. It’s a pretty cheap one as well. So it is an excellent option for beginners!

Happy buying!

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