3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filter System

3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filter is a water filtering system that’s able to supply your whole house with clean water: no dirt, no rust, no sand, no chlorine. It’s simple, easy to maintain and especially useful to those who live in more urban areas.

3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filter System

Let’s talk about all of the specifics of this filter, the pros, and the cons, and then we’ll create a short summary. The goal is to get you familiar with the filter’s effectiveness, as well as type of use.

3M Aqua-Pure Features

Sanitary Quick ChangeHelps provide easier and cleaner cartridge change-out without having to contact the filter media or the need for a filter wrench.
Better Quality WaterUp to 85% chlorine taste and odor reduction using carbon block technology.

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Sturdy design

This filter is not your everyday one, especially when it comes to the looks of it. It’s a bit long and thin, and the steelhead is sort of rotated. The whole construction is pretty sturdy, but you still don’t need too many tools to work around with it. 

The numbers

When it comes to the statistics and the numbers, it’s a 10-inch filter that can work to support a whole household. Per year, you will be able to filter about 100 000 gallons, which will let you know how long you can use the filter. Don’t believe the manufacturer suggestions about x months of use, since everyone uses a different amount of water daily and you can never be certain about the number.

The rate of the flow is 20 gallons per minute and you have to be sure that each time when you replace a filter, you flush at least 10 gallons before you get to use it.

What does it remove?

This system will remove odor and taste, basically chlorine, but won’t do much further than that. If you’re worried about your water is hard or sand/rust/dust in your water, you will have to get an additional system that helps you with that, since this is not the thing that you’re looking for.

It also doesn’t battle fungi, viruses, bacteria or fluoride. For most people, it won’t work because of that, but some will surely feel the benefits. The 5 microns density of removal works very well, but not for small particles.

Long service

Because of the high quality of build and the number of gallons you can filter through the machine, you’re basically getting a very lasting experience. The sturdy construction is not corrosive, which makes it very easy to maintain.

The safe mechanism

The Safe Quick Change design is meant to make your life easier: no more messy cartridge replacements. The mechanism will allow you to remove the filter and put a new one in without the water spilling all over the place.


  • phenomenal build quality
  • great capacity and high flow
  • no tools needed, basically a DIY installation
  • system is not prone to corrosion
  • affordable


  • lack of user-friendly communication like lights, dials or stickers
  • no removal of sand, rust or dust


If you’re looking for a system that does a great job at chlorine removal and you’re not worried about much else, this affordable machine is the right way to go. It’s very sturdy and you’re getting a great price vs. quality ratio, but you’re not looking at a machine that’s going to protect your health completely.

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