Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Shower Head Review

Although they were not really a huge thing back in the days, water filter like the Culligan WSH-C125 filtered shower head is a must-have this year. With the growth of the industry, the number of toxic things in our water has grown larger as well.

Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Shower Head

Some people decide to go for a faucet water filter, some go for an under-the-sink water filter, but these are a solution for your drinking water only. You’re still using water for many other things that are equally as important. After all, our skin is our biggest organ.

Shower head water filters have been a hit lately because they’re cheap, easy to install and give you many benefits! Because of this, some people decide to use them for drinking water as well. However, are there maybe any flaws?

Culligan WSH-C125 Features

Easy InstallationThis lightweight Showerhead can be installed within minutes using the included Teflon tape.
Certified by the NSF The WSH-C125 showerhead filter system tested and certified by NSF International against ANSI Standard 177 to reduce chlorine.

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How does it work?

Showerhead filters are pretty simple when it comes to the way they work. In the head itself, there are layers and layers of different active ingredients that actually do the cleaning process. This Culligan model does a great job when it comes to chlorine and hard water, but many are wondering does it do anything else.

It is a 10 000 gallon showerhead, which means you don’t have to change the filter too often, but the manufacturer says it really depends on your daily habits.

What does it actually filter?

The Culligan WSH-C125 removes chlorine and excessive minerals but doesn’t really do much more than that. It can remove mold as well, which is useful both for you and the plumbing.

Many people think of the new sensation of “soft water“ as a great help for eczema and dry skin, as well as dandruff. However, there are other shower head filters that actually do a better job at filtering for a slightly bigger price if you’re interested in getting rid of organic stuff as well!

How do you install it?

It’s a straight-forward procedure where you literally just need to twist the showerhead on the shower arm. The bigger issue is usually to remove the old showerhead because it has been there for ages! 

Keep in mind that Culligan WSH-C125 has a particular design which is made to be mounted on the wall!

Is there enough water to shower with?

Many people are concerned about the water flow since the filtration process obviously takes time. The thing here is that there are 5 spray settings: soft rain spray, full body spray, invigorative pulse, pulse combo, regular combo.

This means that you’re not only able to have a shower, but also get massages!

How long does one filter last?

Yeah, here comes the bad side. Depending on your use and the number of people that showers daily, you may not have more than 3 months of use with each filter. This can add up to a bigger price, but it would still be smaller than the rest of the premium filters.

Water Filter Cartridge

Although you get your first filter with the showerhead itself, you will be buying one approximately three to six months after you have installed the first one in. 

PowerfulWHR-140 filter cartridge filters sulfur odor, chlorine, and scale for a full 10,000 gallons or 6 months giving softer, cleaner skin and hair.
OriginalCulligan can only guarantee the quality of materials, construction and the certification claims of WHR-140 filters manufactured by Culligan.

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The filters are pretty inexpensive and seem like a good investment to begin with. It’s obvious that you get what you pay for when it comes to this product, so it can be a really good choice for beginners to see if they like soft water or not!


  • Very budget-friendly and one of the cheapest options for beginners.
  • Doesn’t weigh much at all and is very easy to install.
  • There is no fear of clogging because the shower head itself has anti-clog nozzles which will make sure that there is no change in pressure in the walls.
  • Does a very efficient job with minerals and chlorine.
  • The filter itself is certified by NSF and is also supposed to remove odor, but people said that this isn’t the case.


  • Doesn’t do much besides the above mentioned. As far as we know, the dirt, the sand, the potential cysts, and parasites could still be in the water.
  • Three months of use per filter are not fantastic, and the number may be even lower if your family has 4+ members.
  • The construction is not made of metal and this makes it less durable.
  • The water flow isn’t as fantastic as some other models at the same price range provide.


This Culligan model of showerhead filters is pretty good for its price, but don’t expect any fancy performance. It’s easy to install, easy to use and you’ll soon notice that it does make your water softer because it eliminates chlorine and extra minerals.

Other toxins are still left in your water, however, and you’ll need to take care of them some other way (if you’re bothered). At this price range, it is possible to find a showerhead with fewer cons and more pros as well, so make sure to do some more investigation.

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