PUR Ultimate 7 Cup Pitcher – Get Rid of Contaminated Water

Today we are looking at the PUR Ultimate 7 Cup Pitcher and we’re basically introducing a whole new category of water filters. Contaminated water is that one thing no one wants to ingest. We need to be more careful about it now than we used to be since the number of chemicals big companies are releasing into the world around us is getting larger.

PUR Ultimate 7 Cup Pitcher

If you’re looking for a fix that doesn’t have to be put into your cupboard, fixated into your appliances and, in some way, permanently connected to you, getting a pitcher may be just the right solution for you. Let’s check it out.

PUR Ultimate 7 Features

Lead Reduction FilterThe PUR Pitcher Replacement Filter with Lead Reduction fits any PUR pitcher or dispenser to provide up to two months of clean, delicious water.
Focus on ConvenienceThe slim, space-saving design fits easily in your fridge. The CleanSensor Monitor visibly indicates filter status and guarantees you will always have safer drinking water.

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What does it do?

PUR Ultimate 7 water pitcher is a special one: it’s made to serve you on those family events when having water at your table is useful, but it’s also made to keep the whole household safe and sound. If you want something practical and will just replace your regular pitcher, this is the way to go. Small steps all count!

It’s a regular pitcher with a replaceable filter that does all of the „water cleanings”. If you want to be scientific: this pitcher will remove the lead in your water and will also take care of 22 other contaminants. Amongst those are mercury, pesticides, and chlorine! This means that your water won’t have a taste or a smell!

What numbers are relevant?

It’s a 7-cup filter, which means that it holds enough volume to fill up 7 cups. This is pretty subjective as well because cup sizes vary significantly! In the end, it is up to your kitchen.

PUR Ultimate 7 Cup Pitcher fits into your fridge and has an electronic light that will let you know when you need to replace the filter inside of it. The filter should last about 2 months, but the precise measurement you’re going for is actually the amount of volume that can be filtered. You can use up to 30 gallons before needing a new filter, and it depends on you how fast you’re going to use the gallons up. 

What technology is this?

If you’re wondering whether this pitcher is efficient or not, we can assure you that the technology used in it is just about the most common one that is also used with many other water filtering gadgets: faucets, showerheads, etc. It’s the activated carbon filter supported by ion exchange. 

Stop buying bottled water and save yourself some cash. Not to mention the fact that you’re also saving the planet!

What about design and quality?

The PUR Ultimate 7 has a pretty classic design. It’s an easy-fill lid with a cover that will help you not to spill water all around. The handle is ergonomic and the whole thing is BPA free, which means that your water is not getting contaminated in the container itself. This is something many people overlook!

Replacement filter

You’ll have to change the filter once this one won’t do you any more justice. You can get a single one or get a better deal by buying a pack of two, three or four! If you won’t enjoy the filtering properties, you can get a basic filter that doesn’t do any change to the water. 

MAXION Filter TechnologyWhile your tap water may look clean, it can contain potentially harmful contaminants picked up on its journey through aging pipes. PUR filters with MAXION technology reduce these contaminants.
Superior Water FiltrationPUR Lead Reducing pitcher water filters reduce 23 contaminants, including lead, by using activated carbon & ion exchange.

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The filter itself is certified with NSF (or ANSI) standards 42 and 53, which are the most popular and the most significant ones out there. The process of replacing is also very simple.

First, you need to soak the filter in water for 15 minutes, and after that, you flush it and twist it inside of the „frame” where the previous one was. Make sure to recycle the old one!


  • ergonomic, BPA-free design
  • practical
  • budget-friendly
  • a great filtering system
  • no significant changes need to be made in your household
  • light indicator for the filter


  • doesn’t last long if you serve the whole family


If you’d like to care a bit more about the water you’re drinking, but you don’t want to make any huge changes and drill new holes in your kitchen, this is a great way to start! PUR Ultimate 7 Cup Pitcher is a budget-friendly option with fairly good results for such a small gadget! No excuses not to start caring more about your health!

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