Sawyer Personal Water Bottle Filter

Water filtering has become a relatively common technique nowadays, and people either use a home system or a bottle like the Sawyer Personal Water Bottle Filter. The water is full of chemicals, toxins and even organic compounds like bacteria and parasites.

Sawyer Personal Water Bottle Filter

When you’re at home, it’s pretty easy to filter your water. You can get an under-sink filter, you can get a reverse osmosis system, you can get a system that features activated carbon. Once you install any of these, you are good to go for a certain period of time. 

However, this is not true for the water outside of your home. What if you’re traveling? What if you’re hiking, cycling or camping? If that’s the case and you still want to be protected, make sure to check out filtering water bottles. These do a great job at removing all toxins that you may or may not taste, and you’ll be safe outside of your home too.

Sawyer Features

U-Shaped Microtubes Trap BacteriaSawyer’s water filters contain a high number of tiny U-shaped hollow fiber microtubes that trap contaminants while allowing decontaminated water to freely pass through at a high flow rate.
Absolute Micron ProtectionSawyer’s water filter provides absolute 0.1 micron filtration*, meaning the filter contains no pore size larger than 0.1 micron in size.

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This water bottle is BPA-free, which is very important both for you and the environment. What’s the purpose of filtering your water if it’s going to stay in that plastic container that will constantly release toxins? That’s why you should opt for BPA-free plastic and stay safe.

Removes organic compounds

This filter is one of the rare ones that gets rid of both organic and inorganic compounds. Yeah, you may be worried by the sand you see in the water, but what about E.coli? This bottle removes 99.99% of bacteria in water, and some of them are salmonella, cholera, E.coli… You’re also at no risk of getting poisoned by some protozoa like the giardia and similar cysts.

An advanced filtering system

The filtering system on this device is phenomenal. The U-shaped fiber microtubes will make sure they trap any bigger atoms that get in your water. These are usually rust, dirt, and sand, but can also be some organisms as well!

The next step is the 0.1-micron filtration that is so tiny it won’t let any bacteria or cysts. This is phenomenal for those who have compromised immune systems!

High flow rate

There’s nothing more annoying than a water bottle that can’t deliver the right flow. The straw on this bottle is made to make your experience easier and better!

Where can I use it?

This bottle can be used with day-to-day activities, as well as on hiking trips, cycling adventures, camping trips and more. It can be used both in extreme and in regular conditions, and that’s why it makes a perfect companion. The 1 liter (34 oz) capacity is just what you need in a more heavy-duty bottle. You won’t have to refill it every couple of minutes. It’s also perfect for emergencies since it is lightweight when it’s empty.

How to use it?

If you’re worried about any details, the company will provide you with phenomenal customer service. Besides that, you’re getting a user manual that will solve any questions you may currently have.


  • exceptional flow rate
  • phenomenal taste and no smell in the water
  • you’re also getting a storage pouch and a cleaner for the straw
  • very effective filtering
  • effective with cysts and bacteria as well
  • lightweight when empty
  • great capacity
  • no limit to using the filter (works well forever)


  • not too aesthetically pleasing
  • the plastic is not very durable
  • the lid leaks sometimes


If you’re looking for a great bottle with a phenomenal lifetime and great filtering efficiency, this may be your guy. It does a great job both with organic and inorganic compounds and will help provide you a better daily life. 

It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing product of all time, so it’s not really a favorite amongst stylish people, but it will make you a great friend when you’re hiking, cycling or having a camping trip with your family. 

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