Filtrete Advanced Quick Change Water Filtration System

Today we’re looking at an under-sink filter called Filtrete Advanced Quick Change. Under-sink filters are a great option for someone who is looking forward to changing their habits and they are ready to make a bigger change and bigger investment.

Filtrete Advanced Quick Change Water Filtration System

Beginners don’t usually go for an under-sink filter right away, but there is no right or wrong way to get into filtering. The only things that matter are: filter compatibility, lifetime and quality. Also, you want to pay attention to the installation process as well.

Let’s look at the features and weigh out the pros and the cons, so you can decide whether this filter is a good choice for you.

Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Features

CertifiedNSF certified Standard 53 and 42.
Healthy LivingHealthy Living water filtration reduces microbial cysts, chlorine taste & odor, sand, soil, silt, rust and sediment based on 3M Testing.

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Filters both organic and inorganic toxins

This filter gets rid of everything you’re afraid of: cysts, chlorine, sediments like soil, sand, and rust.

Won’t ruin your kitchen’s vibe

This filter needs to be installed on a preexisting faucet, which means that you won’t have to sacrifice looks for function. You can just connect it to the one you already have in your bathroom or kitchen.

A DIY installation

You don’t need more than 30 minutes to put this thing in place, and you’re looking at up to half a year of regular usage once it is all good to go! No plumber needed, but if you feel like you did something wrong, maybe it would be smarter to get a plumber. 

No pressure in your plumbings

This water filter will work on full flow all of the time, even when the filter has been running for a long time and gets a bit stuck. About 2.25 GPM is just about right!

Certified by NSF/ANKI

You always gotta ask for receipts: that’s why we’re looking forward to saying that this filter does meet NSF standards 53 and 42 as well! 

When do I need to change the filters?

You can text a certain number and be reminded when the filter goes out. This way you don’t have to bother with the math! You’re looking at about 2000 gallons of filtered water before you need to change it, so the timing depends on your daily use.

Great taste and smell

This filter also balances the chlorine in your water, which is very important for the odor and taste. You don’t want a „bleach-like“ experience, do you?


  • very good filtering, very efficient
  • extremely easy to follow the installation process, but can take up to 30 minutes
  • more budget-friendly than other products in the category


  • if you’re a very heavy user, you won’t make it 6 months


Getting a water filtering system, especially an under sink one, can be frightening for some people. They don’t know where to start and how much money to spend, and they also have no idea about the installation and the maintenance process.

If you’re in this category, or you’re just tired of switching filters that don’t make any difference, make sure to check out this one. It’s pretty budget-friendly, simple to use and very efficient. 

Some of the small features are enough to convince you to buy this product on their own, while others are just the cherry on the cake. SMS updates about your filter, DIY installation, up to 6 months of use with one filter cartridge… Dreams really do come true?

There are minor setbacks that you need to pay attention to, though, especially if you’ve never installed one of these on your own.

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